Deroo - We got a lucky break and we took the opportunity


Belgium's Rousseiaux digs against France

Sydney, Australia, June 19, 2016 - Belgian coach Dominique Baeyens said he was proud his team had stopped the run of France, while French coach Laurent Tillie lashed out at the “stupid” rule that cost his team eight points at the beginning of fourth set.

Dominique Baeyens, coach of Belgium – “Yesterday we were not very good, but everyone had a lot of confidence. We think France had won 20 out of 21 matches, so we have stopped that. In the second set we made a few changes, got a new setter who was more creative.”

Laurent Tillie, coach of France – “It is the rule, but it is a stupid rule. There are five people sitting at the desk and a referee to watch all of this, but they can’t do it. After that ruling it was tough. We had been confident, and coming back from 8-0, it is tough.”

Sam Deroo, captain of Belgium – “For the first time in my life we had got an 8-0 lead for free. We got a lucky break, and we took the opportunity. We played at a good level. We cannot say it was undeserved, but also France deserved more than this.”

Kevin Tillie, wing spiker of France – “It’s frustrating losing like this, I think that everyone is frustrated. But the rules are the rules, what can we do? Next week we will have to come back together and play a tough tournament in Poland.” 


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