Vladimir Alekno: Friday defeat was food for thought


Russia prevail over Poland in 3-0 match

Kaliningrad, Russia, June 18, 2016 - Russia's coach Vladimir Alekno was glad to see that all of his players care about the result of the match. He admits that the team has still plenty to work on ahead of the next matches.Vladimir Alekno, coach of Russia:
Our defeat was a food for thought. We still have something to work on, but what
is important is that all players care about the result.

Antiga, coach of Poland
: I
can't say we played much worse than yesterday, but Bulgaria was a more easy opponent. Russia pressed
much more. We had an opportunity to take the first set, but didn't manage to
use it. Anyway we will keep working. Sergey Tetyukhin, captain of RussiaWe have analised our game in the match yesterday and today we played more confident. We still make errors, but we have definitely progressed in some aspects.


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