Lisinac - the builder of the wall


Srecko Lisinac with a powerful spike

Krakow, Poland, July 13, 2016 - Serbia's Srecko Lisinac contibuted a lot to the success of the national team denying the opponents with his excellent performance on the net.

Lisinac is the best effective blockers from the players involved in the Final Six tournament with 20 blokcs, 48 faults and 32 rebounds from 100 attepmts.

He was invited for the senior men’s team in 2012. Lisinac won bronze medal at the 2013 European Championship, where he was named the best blocker of the competition. Also, he won silver at the 2013 U-23 World Championship in Brazil. In the World League he booked 4 seasons, and won silver medal last year after defeat to USA.

Lisinac was playing in VC “Ribnica” from Kraljevo before transferring to Skra Belchatow in Poland three years ago. After a short move to Berlin, Germany, he is back in Belchatow. He was one of the best blockers in the Serbian National Championship.

A total of $100,000 is awarded to the best players of the Finals, which will be selected by the Control Committee in the following categories:
MVP, Best Setter, Best Opposite, Best Outside Spiker (2), Best Middle Blocker, Best Libero.


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