Mass media build up Poland’s chances


Headline from the Fakt daily saying Poland is not going to be only a background for the other teams

Kraków, Poland, July 13, 2016 - Wednesday's sport pages in the Polish newspapers are filled with articles concerning the FIVB Volleyball World League Finals along with the extensive coverage of the tournament in the online media.

"Big game with high stakes? Only in Krakow!” - reads the headline in the Polish most renowned sports daily Przegląd Sportowy. "Six best teams, ten matches and great emotions. If anyone had any doubts whether choosing Poland as the World League Finals host was the right decision, should have come to the press conference held yesterday in Krakow”.

The daily Gazeta Wyborcza put a clear headline: "Super show in Krakow" and continued: "It's clear that the arena will be full. It's obvious this will be a noisy show. What about the Polish national team - it's a big question mark. The gold medal is as much likely as failing to advance from the group stage".

Nevertheless the Polish players are confident in themselves as the team captain Michal Kubiak states for another Polish daily Fakt: "Our most difficult opponents are ourselves. Anyway, we don't want to be only a backdrop for the other teams".

Internet portal Strefa Siatkowki focuses on the Polish national team coach Stephane Antiga who says in an interview: "We worked a lot, we are ready, we will play well and everyone can’t wait to play”. points out the significance of the Final Six tournament: "The eyes of the entire volleyball world turn to Krakow. Poland hosted the final tournaments before: 2001 & 2007 in Katowice and 2011 in Gdansk. This year's tournament is the last big test before Olympic Games in Rio for all the teams excluding Serbia".


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