Bayens: This was an important game for us


Belgium coach Dominque Bayens

Rome, Italy June 26, 2016 - Belgium defeated Australia in straight sets 
to claim their first three-points victory and Simon Van De Voorde was delighted to see his side secure their Group 1 status.

Dominque Bayens, coach of Belgium: This was an important game for us. It is the first winning in this phase in Rome. It was important because now we are sure not to go get relegated from this group. In the last weekend we will play against Poland, Brasil and France and it will be very difficult, but we are more relaxed.

Roberto Santilli, coach of Australia: We made some mistakes, my team is still young, but this competition has been a good practice for us. Now we are going to work even harder to do better in future

Simon Van De Voorde, Belgium: I’m very happy about the victory that allows us to stay in Group 1. It’s very important for us. The organization worked really nicely, and I’m even more happy to play in Italy, also because of the very warm fans.

Paul Carroll, Australia: It is really disappointing. We played a very good match yesterday, but today against Belgium, even if we knew we could compete with them, for some reason we didn’t. They were always well, they served well and that’s what makes the difference. We enjoyed Rome, and this beautiful stadium, with beautiful and friendly people, always engaged in the game, always cheering and waiving. Great amosphere.


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