Russia's Sergey Tetyukhin: "We expected a different score tonight"


Serbia beat Russia 0-3 as they kick off their 2016 World League campaign

Kaliningrad, Russia, June 17 2016 - Serbia took a 3-0 victory against their Russian hosts to silence a partisan home crowd with Srecko Lisinac the star of the show for Serbia with 14 points. 

Sergey Tetyukhin, captain, Russia:
We expected a different score tonight. We prepared, but we still have a bad coordination in the team. It is just the first match, we will do out best tomorrow.

Vladimir Alekno, coach, Russia: We made a poor performance tonight. The key moment was the end of the second set when we needed just one good setting, one good spike. But our young players didn't hold the pressure. I wouldn't like to search for justification except for that we had no game practice before the start of the tournament. 

Milos Nikic, player, Serbia: We played with real passion and aggression from the very beginning. And that gave us the opportunity to reach a big victory. I liked the atmosphere here in Kaliningrad. Of course today everyone supported Russia, but we hope to find more new fans tomorrow. 

Nikola Grbic, coach, Serbia: We had a great approach against a great opponent. And I must be satisfied not only with the result but also with the way we played tonight. I really hope that tomorrow we will play as well as today. We need enough energy and concentration to reset everything and think only about the upcoming match now.


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