Sander: We need to get used to playing together again


#3 Taylor Sander scored 23 points against Argentina

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, June 16, 2016 – Taylor Sander led his team to a 3-1 victory over Argentina in USA's first match in the 2016 FIVB Volleyball World League. The wing spiker scored 23 points.

John Speraw, coach of USA: “It was a great game and Argentina plays a good volleyball. My team did not confirm the side-out as I wanted and we had a lack of precision in passing. It was the first match of this season and we are still getting used to playing as a team.”

Julio Velasco, coach of Argentina: “Team USA played better than us and deserved the victory. They were better in passing and counter-attack. We expect another tough match against Brazil tomorrow."

Bruno Lima, opposite of Argentina: “USA have a good group of players. They performed well in blocking and defence and that was crucial to their accomplishment today.”

Taylor Sander, wing spiker of USA: “It was a difficult match. We did not play as we wanted to, but it is early in the season, so we just want to keep getting better in each match. We need to get used to playing together all over the court. Overall it was good to win the first match”.


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