Belgium's Sam Deroo - "We served well and didn't make a lot of mistakes."


Tomas Rousseaux was a stand out for Belgium against Australia

Sydney, Australia, June 17, 2016 - Belgian coach Dominique Baeyens said his team had remained cool under pressure, while Australian coach Roberto Santilli said his team need to do more to win matches.

Belgium coach Dominique Baeyens – “We had our problems at the beginning, it was a really slow start. Maybe it was the trip because we were heavy at the start. Psychologically it was pretty important. By the end of the set we were pretty cool, and from there we were pretty controlling. I don’t know why we keep beating Australia. We talked about it before the match.”

Belgium captain Sam Deroo – “We knew Australia had gained a lot of experience in recent tournaments. They played well, but we also played well. We served well and didn’t make a lot of mistakes.”

Australian coach Roberto Santilli – “Very disappointed, I’m feeing in a very bad mood. We should have been doing something more today. It’s a problem that at the end of the set you have to play better. If they don’t make a mistake, we have to serve to win the set, and we couldn’t do that. We have to learn how to do it.”

Australian captain Greg Sukochev – “It was a good start for us and the game was flowing pretty well. We had some opportunities towards the end, we have to learn how to take that and be aggressive. We have to trust our team and keep fighting. You build from your actions.”


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