Tzourits aims for Group 3 Final Four through a hat-trick in Kozani


Mitar Tzourits spikes against Puerto Rico as Greece claims its second victory in Kozani

Kozani, Greece, June 18, 2016 - After beating Puerto Rico in straight sets (25-16, 25-22, 25-19), Greece's captain Mitar Tzourits wants to claim another victory in order to look towards Group 3 Final Four with confidence.

Sotiris Drikos, coach of Greece: “We weren’t as good  today as against Kazakhstan. Tomorrow we will face totally different match. Chinese Taipei team doesn't have the same physical attributes and we must adapt ourselves to a different tempo of play”.

Javier Gaspar, coach of Puerto Rico: “I think we played much better tonight, than yesterday against Chinese Taipei. We were passing much better and had more consistency. I really liked the way we did it against a very good Greek team. We saw some improvement and hopefully tomorrow we will play much better against Kazakhstan”. 

Mitar Tzourits, captain of Greece: “I’m not on top of my game yet, but my teammates are helping me and I will do my best. If we want to qualify to the Final Four, we should finish last match in Kozani with another victory and stay undefeated, so we will be able to complete our mission in Thessaloniki next week”.

Puerto Rico team captain, Sanchez Sequiel: “We played better than yesterday. Greece has got a great team with great players. We competed until the 20th point, but then we didn’t execute well at the end of the sets. We will practice this and we will try to make things better tomorrow”.


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