Spain star Andres Villena "We had many things against us"


Top scorer Andres Villena of Spain with 32 points against Mexico

Mexico City, Mexico, June 18th 2016 - Andres Villena scored an impressive 32 points as Spain silenced the home crowd with a thrilling 3-2 win over Mexico.

Top scorer Andres Villena of Spain: “We had many
things against us, Mexico was playing at home, it was the first match of the
event and it wasn't easy; we really are happy with the result. I believe my performance was
better than my teammates because they haven’t adjusted well to the venue and to
Mexico; I’m sure they will improve for the next match. Spain still needs to
improve in serves and limit our errors”.

Head coach Fernando Muñoz of Spain: “It was a well disputed match, the
scores were very close in all five sets, and there was a lot of tension. I want
to congratulate my players because it’s not easy playing in Mexico City because
of the height, my boys worked hard and contributed to the team’s victory. It’s
a good way of starting a tournament. This is a really young team and our
intentions are to build players that can contribute in Spain’s qualification to
the European and World Championships. For the next matches, we need to play
more strategically because both Germany and Montenegro have strong physical

Mexico coach Jorge Azair: “Today’s result reflects that we
need to work more in the rotation when our setter is in position one, our
receiving has difficulties in this rotation. I used all my players, it’s
something I need to do because some players need to recover from minor injuries
and everyone deserves to play. Despite the loss I am satisfied with the team’s

Mexico captain Pedro Rangel: “Spain pressured us hard in every
aspect, it was a difficult match, and they read our game plan very well. We
committed too many errors and mentally we lost focus. Mexico needs to practice
harder and play to one hundred percent, this is World League”.


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