Sotirios Drikos, Greece coach: “Slovenia was the best team today"


Sotirios Drikos, Greece coach

Frankfurt am Main, Germany, July 1, 2016 – After a short but anyway tough match to qualify for the final, Slovenia and Greece sent coaches and captains to share their comments after the semifinal which qualify Slovenia to face Germany on Saturday final of FIVB World League Group 3 here in Frankfurt.

Sotirios Drikos, Greece coach: “Slovenia was the best team today. They made a real good service and worked better with their block-defence system. We had some unlucky moments in the first two.”

Georgios Petreas, Greece middle blocker: “We gave our best but Slovenia was simply better today. It was hard to handle their service and I think that this point made the difference. Our goal is to reach the third place and win a medal. We were waiting so long for this chance.”

Andrea Giani, Slovenia coach: “We are very happy that we have reached the final. It is our third final in two years and that boosts our confidence. Moreover it is our first appearance in the World League. Tomorrow it will be another game but we keep our level.”

Tine Urnaut, Slovenia captain: “It was a difficult match. We lost against Greece in the preliminary round and made it better today. The reason was our service and passing.”


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