Pinerua remains Venezuela's strongest weapon in World League


Venezuelan blockers stopped Tunisian Omar Agrebi

Ljubljana, Slovenia, June 17, 2016 - Tunisia and Venezuela, two most experienced and highest ranked teams of the Pool A, set the World League Group 3 ball rolling in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Venezuela was too strong for the Tunisia again by wrapping the opening match in three straight sets (25-22, 28-26, 25-20).

Since last September this was the sixth encounter of the two teams with South Americans claiming victory over Tunisians three times in their previous meetings. Despite meeting each other numerous times at the major tournaments, this was the first encounter for Tunisia and Venezuela in the World League. Venezuela's Kervin Pinerua continues his great form, shown in Japan at the World Olympic Qualification Tournament, scoring 18 points for his team - 12 in attack, 3 in both block and serve. 

Venezuela started the match a bit stronger than the opponents by taking and maintaining the lead with three point margin at 7-4, 10-7, 14-11, 15-12, 21-18, and 23-20. Tunisians managed to level the result each time. At the end Venezuelans were more focused and used the first set point after 26 min of play to take the set 25-22.
During the second neither of the teams was able to claim a comfortable lead. But, it were Tunisians who managed to take the lead by a point for the first time during the match although they could not build up the result. South Americans were stronger again towards the end of the set by breaking away at 21-17. In the thrilling end of the second set when Tunisia equalized three times at 24, 25, and 26 the Venezuela was once again more focused and wrapped up the set at 28-26.

The same scenario unrolled in the third set. The score remained tied up to 15-11 when Venezuelans manage to break off by four points. Even a time-out did not help the North Africans to regain their forces. Vincenzo Nacci’s team was too strong and confident also in the third set.


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