Piazza: Greece gave us a big gift tonight


Coach Roberto Piazza has every reason to be pleased with his team's win over Greece

Thessaloniki, Greece, June 25, 2016 - Qatar shocked hosts Greece and beat them in straight sets (25-21, 25-17, 26-24) at Alexandrio Melathro, thus denying them the luxury to qualify as of tonight to the Group 3 Final Four. All will decided tomorrow night for the Greek side, against Slovenia, who already secured their ticket to Frankfurt. 

Roberto Piazza, Qatar, coach: I think that the Greek team gave us a big gift today. It was an important game for them, but we also wanted to win. Our team showed more confidence than yesterday, however we were lucky because Greece played without Mitar Djuric. With him, they are stronger than us and it wouldn’t have been the same if he had played. 

Ali Bairami, Qatar, captain: We are happy for our performance and for the victory. Greece has got a better team than us, but today we showed that if we play well we have options to win. We will try to win tomorrow, as well. 

Sotiris Drikos, Greece, coach: This defeat is sad for all of us, but we have to accept some facts in life. Qatar were much better and we tried everything we could in order to avoid defeat. We should congratulate our player for all their effort, because this loss gives value to all our previous wins. I’m sure my guys will give the best of them tomorrow against Slovenia.


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