Jani Kovacica shows you where it all began


Slovenia are set to make their World League debut this year

Ljubiljana, Slovenia, June 8, 2016 – Slovenia’s libero Jani Kovacica is looking forward to the start of his side’s 2016 FIVB Volleyball World League campaign. 

Andrea Giani’s team are making their World League debut in Group 3 and they will go into the tournament full of confidence after the won silver at the 2015 European Championships. 

Kovacica hails from the city of Kana ob Soci and in the following video he gives the viewer a tour of his hometown and explains how and why his volleyball career took off. 

He is also hopeful that Slovenia’s current success can inspire a new generation of young players to keep the sport growing. 

“There are many clubs and recreational players in Slovenia,” he said. “Volleyball still isn’t so popular, but things changed after the silver medal at the European Championships.”


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