Fernandez: We controlled the match


Coach Munoz and captain Fernandez were pleased with Spain's 3-1 win over Germany on Saturday

Mexico City, Mexico, June 18, 2016 - Spain’s tactics were key in Saturday’s 3-1 (25-20, 26-28, 25-16, 25-17) victory over Germany in Mexico City. 

Fernando Muñoz, Spain, coach: Today’s tactics worked out pretty well. Our initial game plan with the setters was adjusted according to what was happening as the match advanced, this was the big difference between them and us. Germany’s attack was better in the second set and we committed unforced errors that gave them the set. For tomorrow’s match against Montenegro our strategy will be different, they have a stronger team and we must set tactical moves to face them.

Jorge Fernandez, Spain, captain: We started off very strong and we played very well today. We let the second set go because of several errors; but from the third set we changed tactics and we controlled Germany better. From there forward it was much easier. I believe we were more confident today.

Vital Heynen, coach, Germany: As you know, we are sure to reach the finals because we will host them, so we decided to bring a young team to prepare them and contribute in their growth. Of course we want to win, for me the first two sets we played well and the last two not, we started to give up to easy. There’s no discussion that they were better, they want to be in the finals. My team is young and it’s difficult to play without committing mistakes, they need to gain experience; as a coach I understand this and it’s my job to push them to get better. Good results don’t come easy, the fun is working everyday.


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