Bojic does it again in Montenegro’s tie-break thriller win over Spain


Montenegro prevailed in a five-setter over Spain

Mexico City, Mexico, June 19, 2016- Marko Bojic led Montenegro’s tie-break thriller win against Spain 3-2 (25-27, 25-23, 25-18, 21-25, 15-13) on the last day of Pool B World League actions in Gimnasio Olimpico Juan de la Barrera in Mexico City. 

Marko Bojic’s impressive 31 points carried his team’s unbeaten streak. Bojic scored on 26 kills, 2 blocks and 3 aces. Montenegro held a huge 16-8 advantage in blocking, while Spain dominated in kills 73-71 and 4-3 in aces. Montenegro finishes with 3-0 record while Spain with 2-1.

It was a slow first set; there was no way to predict who would control the action. Montenegro took a three point lead at 9-6 with Cacic and Dabovic along with Bocic scoring. Spain was able to get back on track with Villena and Ruiz keeping the score very close. There were numerous unforced errors by serves which made it difficult for the players to keep their rhythm. Montenegro missed a set point and Spain took advantage, winning the set with an ace by De Amo 27-25.

Spain led the entire second set with Francisco Ruiz’ impressive spikes, he was unstoppable. Spain led 10-4 when Montenegro finally found the way to score four consecutive points with Bojic, Gojko Cuk and Minic. Villena was also in action as Spain dominated the action. It wasn’t until the set reached 21 all that Montenegro began to balance the actions on their favour. Gojko Cuk spiked hard and then with a block gave the set to Montenegro 25-23.

Set three score was even, both teams continued with strong attacks and blocks; but it was Montenegro who was able to jump to a lead 11-9. Marko Bojic not only was effective scoring on kills but he also blocked Spain’s top scorer Villenas, keeping his team lead 14-10. Minic also contributed in Montenegro’s comfortable advantage 17-11 with effective shots. Montenegro was on fire and Spain seemedto lose their concentration. Montenegro went on to winthe third set 25-18.  

Gonzalez Limon and Villena carried Spain to a comfortable 10-6 lead in set four; Spain’s celebrations were so loud that even the referee had to calm the players down. Bojic’s efforts were continued but Ruiz and Villena’s were, too, as Spain kept their 15-10 lead. Bozidar Cuk’s blocking moved Montenegro forward, narrowing Spain’s five point lead to 20-17. Villena with a killer shot and Gonzalez Limon spiking on Montenegro’s block Spain forced to a tie-break taking set four 25-21. 

The tie-break was a thriller. Montenegro jumped to an early 6-4 lead blocking Villena’s intentions of scoring. Villena earlier scored two consecutive points on a kill and an ace. Montenegro scored on errors and on Bojic’s kills, leading 11-8. Ruiz kept Spain’s hopes as they moved for a 12-all score. The score kept on tied thanks to both teams blockers. Montenegro remained unbeaten and finally took the set, 15-13.   


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