Azair: There’s no better feeling than winning


Mexico's coach Azair is content with his team's win over Germany on Sunday

Mexico City, Mexico, June 19, 2016 - Mexico’s team effort earned their 3-1 (25-21, 25-20, 15-25, 25-17) victory over Germany in the final match of opening weekend of the 2016 FIVB World League edition. 

Pedro Rangel, Mexico, captain: We were determined to win; our team effort deserves the credit. Germany always presents with good squads, they are very competitive and beating them is a high-note for Mexico. As every team, we need to study what we’re doing wrong and fix it for the next stage in World League, and also for the Olympics. 

Jorge Azair, Mexico, coach: I am glad, there’s no better feeling than winning. I am satisfied because all the variations we used during the weekend are working for us; we’re becoming the team we need to be. Mexico is facing European teams who are disciplined, in good physical conditions and used to be playing constantly, and the only outcome is our improvement.

Marcus Böhme, Germany, captain: Today we did a good job on several occasions but not the whole match. The team is pretty young and we haven’t played together that long; we must work harder to limit our mistakes. Our three opponents were tough and that’s much to learn about this weekend.

Vital Heynen, Germany, coach: I don’t believe Mexico has the best players, but they play very good as a team; maybe it’s the players or the coach, together they are a good combination. As for us, we make numerous consecutive mistakes and it makes it easier for our opponents. I’ve been saying this is a young team and only from losing the team can learn and improve; if you don’t make mistakes: you win.


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