“As a first time in a World League final, we’re satisfied with the podium” says Tzourits


Greece captain Mitar Tzourits finding his way to the podium

Frankfurt am Main, Germany, July 2, 2016 – The match for the bronze was the last 2016 World League event for both Chinese Taipei and Greece. Their last press conference underlined the key factors of the game.

Drikos Sotirios, coach of Greece: “We are very happy to celebrate this victory here. It is an important success for my players. They have shown three great sets due to our strong attack and good defence. I think we deserved the victory.”

Mitar Tzourits, captain of Greece: “I'm a little bit struggling that we have not reached the final but of course I'm happy with the bronze medal. It was the first time that we were in the final four, so we can be very satisfied with our performance during this season.”

Ke-Chou Chen, coach of Chinese Taipei: "We missed a great chance today. I'm disappointed about the result, but my team has shown a good match.”

Chien-Chen Chen, captain of Chinese Taipei: "It was great to be here. We as players really enjoyed to play such great games here in Frankfurt. We have never thought that we can achieve this goal.”


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