Turkey coach Zanini: We still have to work hard to target a place in the Finals


Head coaches of Japan, Slovakia, Turkey and China at the pre-match press conference of FIVB World League Xuancheng China 2016

Xuancheng, China, June 30, 2016 - A pre-match press conference was held here one day prior to the start of FIVB Volleyball World League Xuancheng China 2016 with the coaches and captains of China, Japan, Slovakia and Turkey in attendance.

Japan captain Kunihiro Shimizu: “Japan will take on Turkey at the opening match on July 1. We will focus on good services and hard defence tomorrow.”

Japan head coach Nambu Masashi: “The site condition is very good. Our players are all in fine form. I hope we can do our best to achieve excellent results in Group 2.”

Slovakia head coach Miroslav Palgut: “This is our first visit to China, but we have been able to acquaint ourselves with the new environment. Slovakia played against China last year but I have noticed some new changes in the China team.”

Turkey captain Ulas Kiyak: “This is also our first here in China. During the previous two weeks, our team did good job in World League as we gained five wins in six matches in Turkey and Egypt. Young as we are, we coordinate and communicate well.”

Turkey head coach Emanuelle Zanini: “Our 5-1 win-loss record is good but is not enough. We still have to work hard to target a place in the Finals in Portugal. However, I am pleased that our players have defeated many strong opponents in the matches so far.”

China captain Jiao Shuai: “In the last two weeks, our team won two of six matches, which is not ideal. China has played the three other teams before and we have gained some understanding about them. I hope we can play at a high level in Xuancheng.”

China head coach Xie Guochen: “ Our players had quite a few injuries after the Olympic Qualification Tournament so, we made a few adjustments for the World League. As the hosts, we will play as well as we can to get a good result.”


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