Santilli: We have to learn


Australian coach Roberto Santilli encourages his team

Dallas, USA, July 1, 2016 – Russia defeated Australia 3-0 on Friday. The coach of the loosing side admitted it was tough because some important players were missing.

Roberto Santilli, coach of Australia: For us it’s tough to compete against Russia especially because we are missing important players on this team and Australia is a small country for volleyball. It’s tough to put young guys inside and be competitive. But despite it, we did well in the second set and had a chance to win. But it’s something we have to learn and take as experience for us. It’s not a good experience to lose 3-0, but it’s an experience.

Vladimir Alekno, coach of Russia: We did not expect another result and are happy with (the match result). We were doing all our tasks which were planned and it was good.

Grigory Sukochev, captain of Australia: There were some positives and negatives on our side. We share some fight and matched it with Russia for a period of time. But unfortunately we weren’t able to come away with the results that we wanted, and the negatives were that we let it slip away in the third [set] - really couldn’t get it together.

There are moments like, unfortunately the peaks and troughs are a little bit high, but that being said we got to keep the positives in mind rather than the negatives.

Sergey Tetyukhin, captain of Russia: It was great. We won with a swift result, and we were following a couple of goals today. The first was to win, and also to look at how the younger players performed because the coach needs to choose before the Olympics who will play on the roster.

(In order to make the finals in Poland) A lot of things depend on how we play this weekend. We would like to win but of course there are many things dependent on the teams we play and how they perform.


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