Vincenzo Nacci focused on improving Venezuela's game


Vincenzo Nacci focused during the match against Qatar

Ljubljana, Slovenia, June 18, 2016 - Despite the second win and only losing one set on the tournament to Qatar today coach Vincenzo Nacci of Venezuela is convinced his team can do much better and had work harder.

Vincenzo Nacci, coach of Venezuela: It was a very tough match today. Qatar is a very strong team. They proved this especially in the first set. My team was very brave and determined, especially in the last set when they managed to return after trailing Qatar for the most part of the set. We still have a lot to do to improve our game. 

Roberto Piazza, coach of Qatar: I am very disappointed again. We had quite a lot of chances in all sets to bring the game home but we made too many mistakes. Venezuela took gladly what was given to them. We were leading in the fourth set at the beginning and at the end. If you have an easy ball on serve, you need to score immediately if you want to compete in a competition like World League. I am confident that my team can play much better than today and yesterday.

Kervin Pinerua, captain of Venezuela: We are very happy to win today. We were very focused and disciplined. Qatar did not play so well although they put quite a lot of pressure on us. We managed to take advantage of their mistakes and are indeed very happy to win. 

John Chigbo, middle blocker of Qatar: We are totally disappointed as we had the game in our hands especially in the last set we were very close. We suffered a little bit on the reception. But, we are looking forward to the next game. That’s the most important thing now.


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