Winters - The newcomers showed their high level


Captain Frederic Winters spikes against China's triple block

Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic, June 17, 2016 - Canada's captain Fred Winters makes his return to the team to lead the squad at the 2016 World League Group 2. winters praised his teammates after victory over China.

Lawrence McKay, second assistant coach of Canada: We are happy to get the win. China is a very good  team and we were fortunate to play little bit better than them.

Liqun Yang, assistant coach of China: I'm very satisfied with performance of my players. Our team is very young and we need more experience. 

Frederic Winters, captain of Canada: It was a good way to start World league. We got a couple of new players in. It was good very good result for us, some people maybe didn't expect them to compete on such a high level, but the new players are good and they showed it today. 

Shuai Jiao, captain of China: We need more concentration, team Canada is very experienced and they have very high technical level.


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