Korea coach Kim: Finland's style is very similar to Russia


Finland's Olli-Pekka Ojansivu working on defense

Osaka, Japan, June 18, 2016 - Finland breezed through the first two sets powered by strong serving, and then managed to fend off a charging Korea that woke up and challenged them late in the match to the very last point in a finale that could have gone either way.

Tuomas Sammelvuo, coach of Finland: Thank you to Korea for good fight. It was a really good fight. Of course this victory is good for our new team. After losing that third set, we had a mental lapse afterwards. Korea started to receive very well in the third set, and in the fourth and fifth. With their very fast attack it is very difficult because it is not the typical game that we are used to. We had to be patient with that and not lose concentration, because their setter is really good and they can play many different types of combinations. I like to see this kind of volleyball – serving, tactical, changing the rhythm of our reception. Yesterday Korea pushed Cuba into big trouble with a variation with different serves. Again thank you and good luck to all of the teams tomorrow.

Kim Namsung, coach of Korea: Finland’s style of volleyball is very similar to Russia. They scouted us really well. In order to win a match like this we really need to improve some positional aspects of our play. Unfortunately today it didn’t work out.

Eemi Tervaportti, Finland: I’m really happy that we won. After losing the third and fourth set it was really good for our team because we are young. It’s important for us to get this first victory in World League and get started. I think in the first two sets our serve and block were good, and then in last three sets their reception was strong and thats why they came back.

Han Sun-Soo, Korea: We had lots of small mistakes today and that’s why we lost today. For the next match (against Japan) I really want to cut down on our mistakes if we want to improve.


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