Korea claim their first victory against the Czech Republic


Korea captain Han Sunsoo and No.17 Seo Jaeduck roar for their first victory

Seoul, Korea, July 1, 2016 - Korea overwhlemed the Czech Republic in three sets and claimed their first victroy in the 2016 World League season.

Kim Namsung, coach of Korea: "We are happy for the first victory. The main point for this game is setter, Our setter HAN Sunsoo has more experience than young setter of Cze Republic. Another point is good service reception of Libero JEONG Seonghyeon and No.18 JUNG Jiseok"

Miguel Angel Falasca, coach of Czech Republic: "First of all I have to congraturae for the first victory of Korea. In our side, today game is the worst one in 2016 World League Season. We are under the very big pressure to be one of Final four. It made our players to commit many errors."

Han Sunsoo, captain of Korea: "I am also very happy for the victory. We played our game but it seemed Czech Republic did not. We will do our best to win the second victory against Egypt tomorrow."

Ales Holubec, captain of Czech Republic: "There were many mistakes in 1~2 sets. This is the worst match in 2016 World League and also is the first game against Asian team this year so we could not catch it. Every postion of Korea was doing good enough to beat us. Congratulations."


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