Falasca: "We want to succeed in České Budejovice"


České Budejovice, Czech Republic, June 16, 2016 - A press conference in České Budejovice on Thursday gathered coach Miguel Falasca, Czech captain Ales Holubec and senior Czech teams manager Jakub Novotny, who spoke about their team's hopes in this weekend's FIVB Volleyball World League action.

The Czech national team starts the tournament against Egypt – one of the teams which will play at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. The match starts at 16.00 local time. “It will not be easy against Egypt. It’s a first game, which is very important. We will see how we deal with that. We have not played any regular games lately. We want to succeed though and win many matches,” said Falasca.

There is a very good atmosphere inside the Czech squad which could help them. "We feel very good, there is a good spirit and we are looking forward to each game, especially on Friday. We believe that we can win,” said Holubec. The Czechs have had a five week preparation and the first weeks were very hard. “I have to say that the first 14 days were really physically hard, we worked mainly on our physical condition. The last two weeks were focused on individual game skills. We will see on court how we trained,” added Holubec.


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